Why can’t you just give me an office cleaning quote over the phone?!

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One question we get all the time is, can’t you just tell me your price per square foot?

I get it. The last thing you want to do is give some sales dog a reason to start barking! There are enough people out there with you on their radar without you helping more of them to find you. I always ask myself, who are they trying to help, me or themselves?

So, why can’t a janitorial service just give you their price?

Your office cleaning provider should create a very personalized plan for keeping your space clean and ready for use. They should listen to your needs and be more concerned with what you want done, not what they want to do. There are so many factors that go into the quote and because of that reason alone no one should be able to just spit one out for you in a jiffy.

We literally use a 33 point inspection to evaluate you facility. These factors include the size of the building, the ratio of office space to warehouse space, the amount of carpet/hard floor in the facility, how many desks are used, how many people per square foot, how often do you have visitors, what kind of paper shredders you use, do exterior doors get left open during the day, how much glass is in the building, how many stalls are in the restrooms, and the list goes on…

How could anyone give you a quote without knowing these factors? Besides, why would you want to pay for some factor that doesn’t apply to you? If someone gives you a quote without looking at the office first, you will be getting a quote that covers that company’s interests, not your interests. If they didn’t quote you enough in the first place then the quality will suffer as a result. No one wants to pay to clean your office, so they will have to start cutting cost and corners. In the end you will start looking for another service to fill your office cleaning needs and you will start the process all over again. Personally, I think that is more of a hassle than having a few service providers know your in the market.

I truly hope this has been helpful and has given you some insight into the world of office cleaning. If you want to know more then be sure to check out our building manager resource pages. There is a ton of helpful forms and information you can use.



2 Comments on “Why can’t you just give me an office cleaning quote over the phone?!”

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    Everyone should think about the proper office cleaning, and cleaning experts should be worth the money spent, they should be professional and focused on customer satisfactory indeed.

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