Clean your dorm room in 15 minutes flat!

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You made it! You’ve been accepted and now you’re actually moving in! College will be the most memorable time in your life. Meeting new friends, starting new classes, choosing your career, spending a lot of time in the cafeteria, and sharing a dorm room with your besties! How do you find the time to juggle it all AND keep your room from becoming an epic fail?

We’ve all seen it, a room that is cluttered with papers, clothes, empty pizza boxes and diet coke cans and the task of cleaning it looks ginormous. Well I’m here to tell you that keeping a dorm room clean is easier than getting an A in your chemistry class! All it takes is 15 minutes 3 days and week and it’s not even a rocket science.

Here’s your quick guide on how to cut through the wreckage in 1, 2, 3…

What you’ll need:

  • 1 trash bag

  • A feather duster

  • Your favorite all-purpose cleaner plus a cleaning towel

  • Your vacuum

  1. Clutter kills! Start by making your bed and picking up all the clothes lying here and there This is a major step. In fact, after the completion of this first step, your room will, start looking way better already. Fold your duvets and smooth out your sheets. If you have time, change the pillow covers and the bed sheet. This makes the bed look fresh and the room look clean (even if it’s not). Next, pick up all your clothes from the floor, chairs and tables, and fold them nicely and put them in the closet. See all that extra space in your room which you never knew existed!

  2. Trash is trash and dirty cloths are done: Use a trashcan and laundry bag. I know, I know, this seems obvious but we all have trash and laundry bins and somehow the piles keep growing. This is closely related to the first point. While picking up your clothes, if you think some need to visit the washing machine, then put them aside in the laundry basket. Now, skim through the room – your study table, bedside table, floor, and chair and find anything that you don’t need. Empty pizza boxes, diet coke cans, those history notes from high school, and that flower from the loser geeky guy in class? Toss them in the trash can (You can keep the flower if the geek is cute).

  3. Dust, Spray, Wipe: Grab your feather duster and all-purpose cleaner, dust the surfaces – includes table, chair, bed rims, wardrobes, computer, dressing table, light switches, walls, etc. Do this first because your duster wont work on wet surfaces and don’t worry about moving that term paper you’ve been working on, just dust around it and any other stuff you want to keep. Spray some of the cleaner into a towel and wipe the surfaces (Hint: Go for the spots…). Now, look at the floor in your room. You think it needs some dusting too? Well, great! Grab the iPod, put on your favorite song, (You know, the one you sing in the car when no one’s looking) grab the cleaner and the duster, and get on it! Or perhaps you have carpet. Even better, you’ll be done vacuuming in time to grab your hair brush and sing your favorite part of the song.

This is a simple guide to fast-tracking the room cleaning process. However, to save some time on your next cleaning schedule, here are a few extra tips:

  • Implement a cleaning program and stick to it.

  • Place trash cans and laundry baskets strategically in the room and use them. Hint: Next to the study table, the bed, or the dressing table.

  • Put those dirty clothes in the laundry and schedule laundry at least once a week or whenever the basket is full.

  • Pack your clothes from the last season in suitcases or backpacks and put them under the bed or above the closet.

  • Pool in and buy a vacuum. A vacuum cleaner is the best gift to humankind from God, so buy one and use one. Find your closest 6 neighbors and raise $20 from each, This way you’ll get a great vacuum on the cheap.

  • Use a room freshener. It helps eliminate any sort of odor.

  • Make your bed every day and change covers twice a week.

These are some of the basic and simple steps that anybody can practice and it will save a lot of time and energy which you may be forced to waste whenever there’s a surprise or unexpected visit, which let’s face it, happens every day.

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  1. sean

    I like your tip to implement a cleaning process and stick to it. I have gone through phases where my room has been extremely messy, and I have gone on kicks where I was determined to keep it clean. I think when I have been the most successful in keeping clean has been when I am not so obsessed with cleaning all the time, but when I make a plan to clean for 15 minutes a few times a week. Making a plan like this will make it so the mess doesn’t get away from you, and it will be an easy plan to stick to.

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