The Facts About Bonding.

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Have you ever heard a contractor say “We’re bonded and insured” and wondered what they mean? What is bonding anyway? How does it benefit me? Are contractors required to be bonded? Now that you know the questions, let’s spread some light on the subject of bonding. A bond is a specific type of insurance designed to do one thing, protect the third party (that’s you by the way, the company hiring the contractor) against theft. We have a variety of … Read More

Why can’t you just give me an office cleaning quote over the phone?!

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One question we get all the time is, can’t you just tell me your price per square foot? I get it. The last thing you want to do is give some sales dog a reason to start barking!┬áThere are enough people out there with you on their radar without you helping more of them┬áto find you. I always ask myself, who are they trying to help, me or themselves? So, why can’t a janitorial service just give you their price? … Read More