Note – Of course you’ll have to tweak these specs to fit your own needs, but maybe there are 1 or 2 things here you haven’t thought of.

Areas to be cleaned – Entire office block on south end of building, to include offices, lobby, reception area, restrooms, vending area, all common areas, conference rooms, kitchen, lunchroom, and exterior of building as specified.

To Be Performed Every Service Night, 5x per week

  1. Empty all trash, replace liners as needed from Company stock, clean trashcans as needed. Empty all exterior trashcans and empty and clean cigarette urns.
  2. Dust and spot clean all desks, counters, file cabinets, tables, ledges, windowsills, etc. Without naming every type of surface in the building, the intent of this specification is to leave all surfaces in a clean and dust-free condition.
  3. Clean all fingerprints, smudges, etc, on counters, desks, light switches, walls, doors & frames, interior divider glass, glass topped desks, etc.
  4. Dust mop and damp mop all hard surface floors. Remove heel marks; touch up with finish as needed. Sweep and mop first-to-second-floor stairway.
  5. Vacuum all carpeting, runners, carpeted stairs, and mats. Remove stains and spills as needed.
  6. Clean and disinfect all restroom fixtures – sinks, toilets, urinals, mirrors, walls and stalls, dispensers, receptacles, etc., polish all chrome and stainless steel, fill all dispensers from Company stock, dust-mop and damp-mop floors. The intent of this specification is to leave the restrooms in a clean, sanitized and odorless condition.
  7. Clean kitchen sink, counter top, tables, wipe down chairs as needed, spot clean exterior of refrigerator, spot clean cabinet doors and drawers, dust-mop and damp-mop floor.
  8. Clean interior and exterior of elevator, polish all stainless, vacuum and clean elevator tracks as needed.
  9. Wash and squeegee-clean all exterior glass doors in and out, clean exterior door frames and handles.
  10.  Sweep exterior of entry area from front doors to sidewalk.
  11.  Secure building; set alarms, leave on designated night-lights.

To Be Performed Once Per Week

  1. High-speed buff all tile floors to remove scuffs and restore high gloss.
  2. Vacuum upholstered furniture.

To Be Performed Once Per Month

  1. Vacuum all ceiling vents.
  2. Vacuum elevator tracks and polish tracks with fine steel wool.
  3. Clean and polish all metal kick-plates on doors.

To Be Performed Once Every 3 Months:

  1. Scrub, refinish and high-speed buff all tile floors.
  2. Wash all interior glass visible from front counter.

To Be Performed Once Every 6 Months:

  1. Dust all window blinds in building before washing glass (see #2)
  2. Wash all glass in building, interior and exterior.
  3. Clean all lobby carpeting and main walkways in office, excluding private offices and cubicles.

To Be Performed Once Per Year:

  1. Strip, refinish and high-speed buff all tile floors.
  2. Clean all carpeting in entire building.

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